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Thrill Ride of Visual Effects – Tron: Legacy 2

You’re going to love this special effects thrill ride from Disney Studios. It’s from the movie called Tron: Legacy staring Jeff Bridges. The neon light cycles are awesome. Where can I get one? The movie was released in December 2010 in 2D and 3D.


9 Special Effects Made With Adobe After Effects

Hair Dryer Blast Special Effect

Video Screenshot

The “Must See” video in this post demonstrates some cool special effects that can be done with Adobe After Effects. And get this, the effects were actually created by the 11 year old kid in the video. The first effect in this video is purple lightning that appears to be manipulated by the boy in the shot.

The second effect is a hair dryer laser blast and when I say blast I mean BLAST! The shaking of the frame adds to the excitement and gives the appearance of great Continue reading

The Dissolving Girl Effect

Check out the dissolving girl effect. This is one cool effect. I’m not sure how it’s done, but I’m pretty sure it was created with Adobe After Effects. If you know where I can find a tutorial on how to achieve the dissolving girl effect please leave me a comment below.

How to Make Slow Motion Video

Here is a tutorial on how to make fast motion and slow motion video effects even if you don’t have those features on your video camera.

In this video Bill Myers shows us how to take video that was shot at normal speed and time-compress it to produce a fast motion effect. Then he shows us how to stretch out a video to produce a smooth slow motion video effect. This is a very basic video editing effect, easy enough for anyone to do.

Bill is accomplishing this by using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. Sony makes video editing software in the Vegas line that starts around $40.00 for the casual user all the way up to around $600.00 for the video editing pro or enthusiast.